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Shockwave player
Subject: Shockwave player
Author: J.M.    Posted: 2004-03-25 06:06:08    Length: 304 byte(s)
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hey ya'll  if anyones tired of not havin a shockwave player for linux why dont you try this link

come on ya'll we need all the help we can get
linux all the way

Online petition
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Subject: Shockwave player
Author: SuseUX    Posted: 2004-03-25 08:16:20    Length: 106 byte(s)
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Done, but more users are need, 1700 is not enough and maybe there is small chance macromedia will listen.
[Original] [Print] [Top]
Subject: Shockwave player
Author: J.M.    Posted: 2004-03-25 09:14:29    Length: 133 byte(s)
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I know 1700 is very little, but you have to start somewhere. Anyway thanks helping and spread the word if you can.

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Subject: Shockwave player
Author: serz    Posted: 2004-03-25 12:04:12    Length: 184 byte(s)
[Original] [Print] [Top]
Done  biggrin.gif  
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Subject: Shockwave player
Author: benoxoft    Posted: 2004-03-25 22:10:24    Length: 344 byte(s)
[Original] [Print] [Top]

Somes of the online courses of my school require a shockwave player, I'm still waiting for it sad.gif .

Anyway, thanks for the link, I'm in.

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Subject: Shockwave player
Author: gavinfromdublin    Posted: 2004-03-25 22:16:00    Length: 45 byte(s)
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Don't need it but still signed on
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Subject: Shockwave player
Author: Crashkid    Posted: 2004-04-19 11:32:46    Length: 205 byte(s)
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I want Shockwave for Linux as well..... I hate Macromedia for not making it for Linux!!!!!

I'm signing this petition with honour in every mussle!!!!!
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Subject: Shockwave player
Author: flatloop    Posted: 2004-04-22 14:02:32    Length: 97 byte(s)
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Well as of when I signed, we are up to 2041, slow going but still climbing... GO GO GO!!
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Subject: Shockwave player
Author: caveman    Posted: 2004-04-23 03:10:32    Length: 203 byte(s)
[Original] [Print] [Top]
Done. Up to 2048 now smile.gif

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