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What Is A Difference And Similarities
Subject: What Is A Difference And Similarities
Author: kind4ever    Posted: 2005-04-07 14:59:10    Length: 634 byte(s)
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hello every body rolleyes.gif

I would asking about a difference and similarities between linux & wiindows

with this points

type .. computer .. graphic engine.. graphical interface.. source code

features .. standard supports

 sad.gif  plz help me
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Subject: What Is A Difference And Similarities
Author: x86processor    Posted: 2005-04-08 02:03:19    Length: 94 byte(s)
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This has nothing to do with LinuxForum feature requests and bugs. Topic moved.

Linux is the kernel. The entire system is called GNU/Linux.

My domain: shakthimaan.com (Offline)
orkut ID: shakthimaan
IRC nick: mbuf
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Subject: What Is A Difference And Similarities
Author: SuseUX    Posted: 2005-04-08 12:41:49    Length: 139 byte(s)
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There is too many, a bit like saying whats the difference between a apple and orange. You should try and make your question not so broard.
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Subject: What Is A Difference And Similarities
Author: TrickyRic    Posted: 2005-04-11 14:23:53    Length: 251 byte(s)
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is this homework by any chance? if not, please be more explanitave (that a word?) in what your asking. for example, by simply referencing the topic "computer" you could be asking pretty much anything. yes, a computer can run either o/s!
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