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Subject: Realplayer
Author: JBug    Posted: 2004-07-21 00:23:49    Length: 532 byte(s)
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Hello all,

I have recently installed realplayer.  It installs itself in /usr/lib , which is fine, but I also need it to work as a plugin in mozilla for an instructional cd i have.  I have no idea how to do this or what files i need to put in the mozilla plugin folder.  The readme file was no help and just referred me to a user support area that no longer exists.  Can't find anything on the real site either.

Thank you very much,


I am running Fedora core 1
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Subject: Realplayer
Author: rakxzo    Posted: 2004-07-29 11:32:37    Length: 510 byte(s)
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Try google once in a while smile.gif it helps...

check this out How-to real plugin on redhat

You didnt say what distro you were using but you can probably tweak with the instructions on this to get it to work.
check out my site www.muychingon.com
If life is merely a joke, the question still remains: for whose amusement?
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